Wednesday, 23 May 2018


I picked the Welsh terriers up from their kennels this morning.
They had been away a week.
Seven days.
And Mary decided that she was sulking.
When we arrived home she took herself off to the bedroom window seat where she gazed off into the far distance with the pinched look of a young Scarlett O'Hara.
This lasted until 19.20 pm when she found me reading on the back patio
I was reading about wartime potato Peel pies and she looked at me for a long long time
And finally jumped up into my lap for a cuddle

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Moll's Gap, Lady's View and Kinsale.

 Just off to airport.......
Hey ho

Last Day

The sun is shining

Irish farmhouse breakfast!!!!!!!
Black pudding, potatoes, onion, bacon and an egg! 
Now off to Moll's Gap, Killarney lakes
And Cork

Monday, 21 May 2018

Nu's Birthday

What a cracking day....sightseeing, a long walk, adventures with good food, wonderful scenery,lots of talking, scrabble, a film and lots of laughter..happy birthday Nu! I love ya xxxx

Film night the excellent Spanish thriller Contratiempo

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Kenmare Bay

The Ring Of Kerry

Nuala's cottage is picture perfect.
A delightful hideaway surrounded by what looks like an all encompassing forrest
It was nearly ten o clock when I took this photo and the light in this part of Ireland seemed not quite of this world.
We talked, ate sea bass and sipped wine and I slept nine hours solid without having a wee.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

A Good Show

I've been watching some of the wedding at Manchester Airport.
I found it all rather moving.
Mind you the dignity bubble which surrounded the occasion was somewhat burst by a rather common woman in an orange singlet who was drinking a pint of lager from a plastic glass.
She turned to her companions and roared " Meghan's a real classy bitch ain't she? "

Friday, 18 May 2018

Outwîtted ...updated

Irene , now in the livery stables fields! 

Right on our side we had the collective force of Sue " the sheep", livestock experts Eirlys and hubby John, village elder Islwyn and his brother, blogger sue and her lovely hubby, me, sailor John and Irene's favourite neighbour Mandy who was waving several slices of delicious bread!
On the other side was Irene......

Having leapt the field fences she is now running with the ponies down the road!

Till next time dearheart


Nuala my best friend will meet me at Cork Airport tomorrow
I think I am in need of my friends at the moment.
Little kindnesses have been the order recently, you all know, I've not been quite myself as of late.
And little kindnesses have come thick and fast......and for these I have been so very grateful.
From the kind chat over the graveyard fence, a surprise lunch out,a workbased phonecall when busy, messages, messages, unexpected arm rub whilst on a walk, an on line reunion with a spunky old psychologist friend, sweet blog comments, a couple of hugs and bizarrely enough , a trip to a flower arrangement presentation with 70 old ladies!

I am very lucky , ...hey ho

Throbbing Like A Porn Star's *€+!

I am on a hefty dose of flucloxacillin which has played havoc with my digestion.
Thankfully this morning my septic thumb is responding to the therapy and has ceased to throb with the intensity it did yesterday, even though it does resemble a  large Victoria plum.
I aim to go back to the hospital later for a dressing change, but only after corralling Irene , who will be going to pastures new today if we can catch her.
I've conscripted a somewhat eclectic band of helpers. Village elder Islwyn, chicken keeper Eirlys and sailor John amongst others said they will be available but I am dubious that we will be successful ......
Watch this space.
The cottage is quiet today. William and Mary went to kennels yesterday so only Winnie and George are home and in these warm spring days they only have the energy to snooze and fart.
Albert is out hunting baby rabbits
Tomorrow I fly to The Irish republic to stay with Nuala for a few days. She has a cottage there, out in the sticks and it's her birthday.

It will be good to see her.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Blast From The Past

Watching Tenko on sky! 
I'm a sad fucker
I loved Rose and Blanche best

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Septic Thumb

A Conversation at the local minor injuries department 6 pm this evening

Nurse: " Keep the dressing dry and come back on Friday for us to reassess it"
Me: "of course"
Nurse: " Have you got anyone with you today?" 
Me : " Yes Mary is waiting for me in the car"
Nurse: " Can she drive you if you have problem with the gears?" 
Me: " No she's a Welsh terrier!" 
Nurse " Smart Arse!" 


I let Mr Hughes into the church last night in order to photograph a memorial for the fallen from this parish from The Great War. He has just realised that several names have been left off the main memorial Cross by the village Hall.
He has made it his mission to ensure they are added the short list of the dead.
Afterwards I attended a meeting of the new Community Association .I like the new members, they are vital and friendly and alive.
They also have their meeting in the pub over a pint, which is a nose flick to the stuffiness of most official meetings .
I told them about the running of the flowershow , and was pleased that they may resurrect it at some stage albeit in a different form.
On the way home I stopped outside the Hall to listen to the Male Voice choir at their rehearsal
It was quite beautiful